Participant newsletter 參加者通訊


CP1 鉛礦坳 ( 6.5KM)


CP2 黃竹洋路 ( 16 KM) 原定桂地新村道路工程關係,現改為黃竹洋路


* 參加者請將樽裝寶礦力倒進自己盛水器具,保留寶礦力樽於站頭,減少製造郊野垃圾 *


蛋撻,豆腐花, 魚旦, 燒賣,現做爆谷,咸檸七

* 參加者每人會有一份餐具,請循環使用享用食物 *


參加者注意事項 :

建議參加者可穿著長褲及配備手套比賽 *



Participant newsletter:

Food and beverages from checkpoints

CP1 Lead Mine Pass (6.5KM)

Banana, orange, water and coke

CP2 Wong Chuk Yeung Road ( 16 KM) Due to road construction relationship, CP now changed from Kwai Tei New Village to Wong Chuk Yeung Road

Banana, orange, water and Pocari

* Participants should fill up Pocari to your water containers and remain the bottles at checkpoint in order to reduce the waste from countryside.

Food and drink at Finish Point

Egg tarts , Tofu Pudding ,Fish Ball ,Siu Mai, Popcorn, Salty lemon Seven-up.

* Participants will have one set tableware per person, please recycle to use and enjoy food *

Participants’ notes:

* Some sections may be more slippery and need to pass jungle sections from X Rock to Cove Hill, participants are recommended to wear trousers and gloves during the race .