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先到先得。完成報名程序後,系統將展示報名確認資料。故此請於報名時,請提供正確電郵以便日後寄上賽事資訊 .

不設退款。參賽資格不能轉移到其他賽事,亦不能作轉讓或出售他人 .參賽者須繳付港幣HK$100 作為有關更改之行政費用,但不包括更改隊伍名稱.



Confirmation of entry:
Once payment is received, payment system will send a confirmation letter with entry details to you via email. Please make sure we have your correct email as we will send updates to you. Please notify us immediately if we have  your wrong email. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE SO GET YOUR ENTRY IN.

Cancellation & Refunds:
Strictly no refunds once payment is made. No transfer of credit is possible to another race and you can NOT give your entry to another person or sell it to another person. HK$100 for handling charges but not include the team name.